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4 Things to Expect after Buying a New Pup from Petland Sarasota

4 Things to Expect after Buying a New Pup from Petland Sarasota

June 5, 2019

Are you nervous about bringing your new puppy home to your family? Don’t be, Petland Sarasota is here to help!

Keeping an open mind is the most important as it will be a transition for you, your new pup, and your family. Expect your children to be really excited, but probably not as much help as you initially thought. Owning a pup is a tremendous amount of responsibility and your children may not be mature enough to help in the beginning. Roll up your sleeves and continue on for four things to expect after buying a new pup for your kids in the first week. Need help picking out your new pup from Petland Sarasota? Click here for all of our puppies for sale and give us a call or stop by for breed information.

Cute puppy dogs can be needy at first.

Expect for new cute puppy dogs to whine, especially on the first night. This whining may occur potentially all night, just like a newborn baby. Get ready to be patient and consistent for at least the first week after you bring your puppy home. Don’t fret, Petland Sarasota will give you all the information you need to properly care for your cute puppy dogs successfully during the first week.petland sarasota

Potty training needs.

Your puppy will not be potty trained when you bring him or her home. There will be some accidents you have to clean up around the house that can lead you to become frustrated. Remember to provide crate training until your pup is ready to let you know he or she has to go to the bathroom. Your new fur baby may have a few accidents along the way until they are fully potty trained and more mature to hold it. Until then, recognize the importance of being patient and loving during this time.

Create a schedule or routine.

Now that you have a new furry friend at home, having a schedule or routine will keep everyone in your home on alert. Your children may be so excited for their new furry family friend they may go off schedule for studying, chores, etc. It is a great time when children embrace a new pet, but also to ensure they are also keeping up with their daily routines, introduce a schedule to keep things on track after bringing the new dog home is a great idea.

Petland Sarasota is the ultimate resource

Petland Sarasota is here for you to be successful in your first week of introducing your new pup to your family. The knowledge you receive from our team will boost your confidence in blending your family with your new pet exceptionally well. You can count on us as your partners for transitioning your pet to his or her new environment.

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