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Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks

Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks

January 8, 2020

A clean pup is a happy pup. Whether you’re new at this or a pro at getting your shaggy golden in the bathtub, here are 10 grooming tips for your pooch at home.

Make grooming and bath time fun

Our furry friends are sensitive to our emotions and tone of voice, even if you don’t love grooming your dog try to make it a fun occasion. Turn on some peaceful or festive music, use dog-friendly bubbles, and don’t be afraid of a little mess with bathtime. Just keep a mop handy to prevent slippery spots. The more you make bath and grooming time fun the more your dog will enjoy it too.

Preparation is key

Be sure to have the tools that you need for bathtime and grooming ready and nearby. There is no worse feeling than having to leave a wet dog unattended while you search for his towel. You will decrease slippery messes and have a more pleasant experience when you are prepared for bathtime and grooming. 

Stick to a routine

Dogs do really well with routine and order. Stick to the same routine each time to make bath time predictable. Avoid switching the bathing or grooming location so that your dog can easily associate the chosen location with grooming. Also, assess your chosen location and be sure it’s comfortable. Imagine having to take a bath in a dark or scary location. No fun!

Understand your dog’s nails

Dog’s have a large vein that runs inside of each of their nail beds. Clipping too high can cause bleeding and pain for your pup. If your pup has dark nails or if you are unsure about where the vein is, don’t chance it. Consult you’re your vet or a professional groomer to assist with nail trimmings. Your dog will thank you. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Dog’s with unique grooming needs such as fast-growing nails or curly hair need consistent grooming. Long untrimmed nails can affect your dog’s stride and cause long term problems with their paws. Uncut or uncombed hair can matt and tangle making grooming difficult or painful.

Budget for it

If you don’t have the time, then make a budget for your dog’s grooming appointment. Make your dog’s grooming as much of a priority as you make your own. 

Look for low-cost options

If your dog has special grooming needs and you are facing financial hardship, search for low-cost options at local vet schools that offer discounted grooming services.

Use treats…sparingly

Treats are a wonderful incentive for persuading your pup to go along with a grooming routine. Just remember that treats should be used for positive reinforcement and not as a bribery tool. If abused treats can become ineffective.

One at a time

If you have multiple dogs you should opt to make grooming days separate. Yes, it will mean you will be grooming more often, but it will make the grooming experience more pleasant for your dogs and they will be happy to receive the individual attention. 

Ask for help

Big dogs can often struggle with entering and exiting small bathtub spaces. When wet these gentle giants can become slippery. Avoid injuries to your back and your dog, and ask for help when bathing big breeds. 


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