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Easy Pet-Friendly Holiday Traditions

Easy Pet-Friendly Holiday Traditions

December 10, 2021

Traditions are so special because they tie together people and memories from periods in your life. They are also amazing because they’re always changing! We organized some of the easiest and most fun ways to bring your dog into the holiday spirit, too.

Make Festive Artwork or Ornaments

For ornaments, you can purchase a kit or make your own. For the homemade version, combine 1 cup of salt, 1 cup all purpose (AP) flour, ½ cup warm water and mix until thoroughly combined and no longer tacky. Roll out on a floured surface and cut into your desired shape (circles are easiest) leaving room for your dog’s paw to fit in the middle. Stamp your dog’s paw on the cut-out dough and place the soft ornament on a greased baking tray. With a straw, poke a hole at the top of the cut-out and bake the ornament at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 2.5 hours. Let cool completely and decorate however you’d like!

For artwork, grab nontoxic paint and paper plates. Take your paper/canvas and lay it on the floor, then squeeze some paint on a paper plate and get your pup to let you press their paw against the paint and then on the canvas. Repeat as many times as you like. Using their prints – take a black sharpie and get creative using the paw images as lights for candles, wreaths, snowflakes or snow men!

Pictures With Santa

If you celebrate Christmas, check with the office of your local mall to see if they do pet pictures with Santa! You’d be shocked at how many offer this service!

Have Your Pups Taste Test Treats!

Whip up some easy treats (we checked, dog treats are Reindeer-friendly) and get your pup to pitch in by approving 1 from each batch before you put them outside as a snack for Rudolph and his friends.

If you make Latkes, your pup can taste test these too – as long as the potatoes are cooked and you leave out the onions! Ours enjoy a side of applesauce as well but this is of course optional.

Eight Days of Learning a New Trick

Spend 10 to 20-minutes over eight days trying to teach your pup a new trick! Consistency is key and it gets them involved in the festivities! Don’t take training too seriously – even if it is a common command, you can switch it up and call it whatever you like. Instead of using the word “spin!” you could say “blizzard!” – just do this for a fun command instead of your bread-and-butter ones like sit or down.

Silly, classic, over-the-top – it doesn’t matter how your traditions look or change over the years as long as you enjoy your time with friends and family around this heartwarming season. Our dogs are such a source of joy and laughter for us through the year – they truly embody selfless love and those little moments everyday that feel magical.

Stay healthy and happy this season – happy holidays!

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