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Holiday Hazards to Dogs

Holiday Hazards to Dogs

December 5, 2021

Have you ever frantically googled “Can dogs eat mangoes?!” – don’t worry, we have too. There’s virtually no way to retain every single toxic or potentially dangerous food to your pet. Kudoz if you make a point to remember the really bad ones like chocolate and fruit seeds/pits.  

We have organized some key categories to make it easy to remember throughout the holiday season – so that you don’t have to dash through the snow to your local 24-hour vet.

Hostess Gifts:

Baskets of candied nuts, lux chocolate bars, and delicious wine are all standard gifts around this time of year; they also double as toxic for your furry pal. Plants are also a common gift and monsteras, and poinsettias are toxic to household pets (so keep an eye on your cats too).

Best to keep all host or hostess gifts out of reach so they don’t get too intrigued by all the new smells and try to dig in. If you are traveling to someone who has furry family members try to be conscious of this tip too!

Toxic Foods

Although we categorized chocolate under gifts, it could fit here as well. Some toxic foods to keep away from your dog are:

  • Xylitol (often found in peanut butter)
  • Grapes (and raisins)
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Avocado
  • Caffeine in any form
  • Fruit peels/pits/seeds
  • Raw meat poses the risk of E. Coli for those not on a raw-only diet

Try to be mindful of mealtime as table scraps are not always healthy for pups either – or at worst could hold one of those hazardous toxins. Prepping food in the kitchen, if something falls, try to get to it before your dog does; and while technically not food, the kitchen garbage also poses a risk to our pets. Containing rotting or potentially moldy food as well as the debris that food is stored in like chip bags or wrappers, it definitely makes the list of risky things to watch out for.

Dogs get into the garbage usually out of hunger or boredom but baby-proofing the top of the garbage can easily combat this!

Air fresheners

Who doesn’t like their house to smell amazing when company comes? We completely understand.

There is one main concern when it comes to air fresheners: phthalates leeching into the oil and being released into the air. Phthalates are essentially chemicals used to make plastic and help them keep their shape and contain whatever is inside the product (shampoo, bleach, etc.).

It is best to opt for oil diffusers or soy candles to minimize the harmful repercussions of wall plug-ins. While the main concern is for our pets here – it doubles for you, too! The chemical leeching component can impact our kids and ourselves as well. If it’s easiest for you to use a plug-in that’s okay! Simply opt for vials of scent that are glass instead of plastic.

Other Threats

Try to keep these out of reach of wandering puppy paws too:

  • Medicines
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Alcohol

All of this information is helpful for being a conscientious and informed pet parent but don’t get too stressed out.

Most of the time, our pets have a sense for dangerous items and particularly for glaring ones, such as air fresheners or cleaning supplies, they are unlikely to mess with it due to the potent smell.

Keep in mind, if you are a new dog owner this depth of information could feel overwhelming but to a seasoned Chocolate Lab owner (who’s precious Hershey may or may not have swallowed car keys a few years ago) – most times these pups are resilient and they were made to forage. Minimize their exposure to dangerous items but if something happens there are plenty of professionals standing by and ready to help.

Not all toxins are necessarily deadly but they do all pose a risk based on the amount of the item consumed as well as your dog’s size. If there is ever a concern that your pet ingests a food listed above contact your veterinarian immediately.

Here are some resources to have handy:

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