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Identify if Anxiety is the Issue

Identify if Anxiety is the Issue

February 16, 2022

Your vet should be able to help you figure out what ails your pet. If they exhibit some of these signs, then it may indicate that they suffer from anxiety:

  • Excessive licking or chewing on the same areas of paws or toys
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Pacing and panting
  • Ongoing crying or barking

Along with a trained professional, assess the situation and do your best to rule out genetic or health-based factors first as they can be serious and time sensitive.

I Just Adopted a New Dog, So I don’t Know Their Base-line Behavior

Getting a new dog is amazing but certainly not stress-free – for you and for the dog. Many trainers and foster parents agree that it takes a dog up to three months to exhibit their true colors when moving to a new home. The first days they may be skittish or a bit edgy but they are simply taking in the new sights, smells, and routines all around them. Over the next month they should begin to mellow as they identify this as their new safe space. By three months, whether their personality is bubbly, chill, or bouncing off the walls, it should shine through.

Be patient with your pup (and yourself) during this transition period. If they seem anxious at first, give them time to settle in and if issues persist or worsen, explore options with your vet.

My Dog Is Normally Super-Friendly but Seems Stressed

A normally easy-going pup can exhibit signs of anxiety during or after stressful circumstances. A recent move, a new baby in the house, or even construction near your home can all be short-term stressful events that get easier with time – and don’t worry, their rambunctious personality will start to shine again as they chill out.

Ways to Help During a Transition

Crates mirror caves or dens which is where dogs lived through their evolution. If your dog burrows under blankets, likes to sleep with all the lights off, or curls up tight into the corner of their bed – they may be comforted by a crate. 

White noise machines can be soothing to drown out background noise. It is best if you leave the noise machine on when you are home and then occasionally put it on when you leave. If you put it on every time you leave the house they will begin to associate it with your departure.

A tired dog is a happy dog. Keep them exercised and their brains bustling and they will be the calmest versions of themselves. Many dog breeds were thoughtfully made to perform certain tasks: hunting, pulling sleds, or rescuing people are just some of them. With this in mind, it is less of a mystery why they seem to have boundless energy. It will cut down on their anxiety to feel tired and satisfied.

The biggest takeaway is that these alterations in our daily routine that help ease our anxious pups take time and may work well one day and be lack-luster the next – consistency is really the key to success.

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