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Money Saving Tips for Dog Parents

Money Saving Tips for Dog Parents

October 7, 2021

When it comes to our pets, we spare no expense. The average American spends roughly $1,452 on their family dog every single year according to the AKC.

So, if you’re a proud dog mom or dad then you might be interested in tips to save a few dollars while spending on your pup.

Sensory Experiences

Make your backyard a sensory playground for your pup. This cost-effective idea is super easy and a great way to turn your own yard into a totally new and immersive experience for your dog.

A bunch of mint or basil to weave into the fence outside is anywhere from $3-$6 at the grocery store and will entertain them and get their nose (and their brain) working.

Even as the cooler months approach, you can take the sensory playground inside and hide different treats and herbs around the house, encouraging your dog to sniff and use their olfactory center of their brain.

Invest in Durable Toys and Puzzles

Silicone lick mats and bowls make for endless treat possibilities.

Putting everyday dog-safe food items like Greek yogurt, applesauce, mashed fruit, peanut butter, or coconut oil on them means that your own pantry staples can double as dog treats. Also consider placing the lick mat in the freezer so the yogurt and various toppings freezes and becomes an icy dog popsicle!

Puzzles are another way to level-up your dog’s enrichment playtime. Flashy toys have their value, but you can even create your own snuffle mat or compostable puzzle with a cardboard box, paper, and treats already in your house! It takes some creativity (and/or googling) at first but you might be shocked by just how easy it is.

Put Your Monthly Dog Expenses on Autopilot

Setting up a monthly, reoccurring auto-shipment from an online brand is a great option but you can also do it locally. Setting a monthly reminder on your phone and stocking up when there are sales make sure you’re never overpaying for items you’re sure you’ll always need.

Amazon Boxes Are a Dog’s Best Friend

Shredding is often considered an annoying trait in dogs; however, it can be a great release of energy for them!

Bridge the gap between unwanted shredding to wanted shredding. Plus, it’s a resourceful use of items already laying around the house. Stuff a few treats inside a cardboard box and filling it with toys, tennis balls, or even just strips of crumpled paper and close it up (do not tape it) hand it to your pup and let them go to town making a mess.

Having a constructive outlet for energy and use of their olfactory center in their brain is more than just fun – it’s a brain game for them to figure out!

Give Old Household Items New Life as Dog Toys

Reimagine old socks or shirts sitting in the donation pile as potential dog toys. Cutting an old gym shirt into strips and tying into lots of knots can make for a great homemade snuffle ball to stick treats in. Tube socks with tennis balls inside are a fun new bouncy toy for your pet.

Breathing new life into items wasting away around the house is a great sustainable and cost-friendly way to give your dog a new thing to play with while staying under budget.

From playing new and exciting sounds on YouTube to putting new plants outside or taking them down a different street on their daily walk – there are endless possibilities of entertaining your dog for cheap that don’t mean compromising on their experience.

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