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Petland Speaks: How to Keep Your Dog Happy in the Summer Heat

Petland Speaks: How to Keep Your Dog Happy in the Summer Heat

June 7, 2019

Here at Petland Sarasota, we know it can be a bit overwhelming trying to keep your dog cool in the summer during activity time.

As the weather changes you no longer need to worry about how to keep your dog warm in winter, and now focus your attention on catering to the summer weather do’s and don’ts. Keeping your dog hydrated and out of the direct sun is a first start to ensure safety for your pet during the summer. At Petland, we ensure our pets are safe in any weather condition and want to share tips on how to keep your dog happy in the summer heat. Need a partner for your yearly summer escapades? Click here for our available puppies page, we have the perfect puppy for you!petland

Keep plenty of water ready for your pet.

This is a simple tip that can be done in a variety of ways. Carrying a water bottle specifically for your dog when he or she needs to take a drink after a run is a great way to stay prepared for the heat. Your dog will be thanking you after taking a drink of water during a hot sunny day. You can also use the water bottle to hydrate your dog externally by simply spraying or pouring water on your dog when it gets too warm. Our Petland locations have supplies available to cater to your pet and a team ready to answer questions to get you through this hot season.

Petland says find some shade.

It is ok to take a break and sit under a tree for a bit. These are the best times when spending the day with your pet. To further prepare for your day out, bring a book along in case your dog wants to rest for a bit before continuing the walk or run. Relaxing under a tree while taking a break in the breeze makes for a quality-filled restful day. Find a good tree to take a break and relax before heading back to your destination.

Create a water activity at home.

At our Petland locations, you can get the answers you need right away to be creative and a responsible pet owner. Ask our staff for some ideas on how to build water activities that are safe and fulfilling for your pets at home. We believe in equipping our team with the knowledge and support they need to assist pet owners in an array of situations that are relatable and practical.

We are hopeful that this information is supportive and useful to our pet owners rather new or old. Our priority is to ensure that we provide quality and supportive information to our customers consistently throughout our partnership. Our teams at Petland locations are ready to provide the backing you need to be exceptional pet owners.

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