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Saint Patrick’s Day Dogs That Deserve a Shout Out!

Saint Patrick’s Day Dogs That Deserve a Shout Out!

March 17, 2022

Okay – they may only be loosely tied to this green and glittery holiday but these dogs sure do have Irish roots! Learn more about some of our notable pups below.

Irish Setter

The quintessential dog of Ireland, these friendly family dogs come in a variety of colors that include Chestnut, Mahogany, and Red. Extremely social and sweet, this is a large breed dog that is easily identifiable. One of their roles was originally to accompany hunters and many still make good hunting companions today; but not to worry, they are sweeter than they are fierce and they excel in family settings.

Irish Water Spaniel

The American Kennel Club dubs these curly-hairy pooches “very lovey dovey” on their scale of affection. They are fairly social with other dogs and barely shed. This extremely playful dog breed and easily motivated for training and unsurprisingly adores the water. Take care to clean their face/ears regularly as swimming can yield a build up of gunk under those precious, floppy ears as well as around the eyes. Otherwise, their grooming is very low maintenance.

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Do yourself a favor and Google this breed if you haven’t seen it yet – they are so adorable. Pint-sized cuties with a willingness to learn and an ability to do hard work make them a suitable breed for singles, couples, or families. They are spirited pups that like a balance of work and play.

Irish Wolfhound

This gentle giant is an incredibly striking breed due to its size alone, clocking in at about 155lbs and 32 inches tall they are the tallest breed in the world. Originally bred to guard castles in Ireland and participate in war these massive dogs are known for being extremely protective and remain so to this day. Because of their strong, watchful nature they are not always friendly to strangers or kids but they do love their family with a steadfast passion as well and respond to consistent training.

Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

These tan-coated sweeties are a mid-sized terrier breed with a maximum weight of around 40lbs for males. They have wavy, silky coats and tons of energy similar to other terriers. Grooming these beauties will take a fair bit of time as you must brush them daily and take them for grooming monthly (What can we say? Being beautiful is expensive).

Kerry Beagle

Known for their exceptional hunting abilities. Native to Ireland, this dog was bred throughout the 16th century with the purpose of accompanying hunters on trips to find stag, foxes, and other woodland critters. Today, they serve mostly as companions to individuals and families alike. They are best paired with active people as they require multiple long walks daily. Their black and tan coat is gorgeous and functional and their legs are about as long as their torso – but don’t call them lanky, these pups can clock in at running speeds of around 32.2 km/hour!

We hope you loved learning a little bit about Ireland’s dog breeds. If one of these suits your needs and you’re looking to purchase or adopt a pup we encourage you to do additional research before diving in, but believe these are some truly wonderful options. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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