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Weird Things Dogs Do and Why

Weird Things Dogs Do and Why

March 3, 2022

From acting like they are eating corn on the cob to bowing like in karate – take a look at some of these weird dog behaviors.


While cats are notorious self-groomers, did you know dogs groom themselves, too? You may have seen dogs lick their newborn pups or their own front paws but there is also an action called “cobbing” that they do to their toys and even sometimes their humans!

To ‘cob’ is an action of gentle chewing by using their very front teeth to consistently nibble – like eating an ear of corn. This can be a sign of affection, anxiety, or even an invitation to play. Nibbling is a very common instinctual behavior from teething to biting to simply chewing their food. The ways in which dogs use their mouth and teeth are numerous and definitely weird.

Bowing Before Play

We have yet to see a dog do a curtsy but if you head out to the dog park you may see dogs bow or head nod to initiate play. The only problem here is these movements can happen as quickly as a tenth of a second so your naked eye might miss it. You can take our word for it – or rather, Scientist and author Alexandra Horowitz’s word. She discovered that and many other mind-blowing findings as she did research and wrote Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know.

Sleeping Under Blankets

Some dogs like to live a snuggly life! We can’t say we disagree. An interesting reason some dogs sleep beneath blankets is because of what they were originally bred to do. Dachshunds for instance were bred to hunt weasels, rabbits, and other burrow-dwelling critters. So, they had to be comfortable in tight and dark spaces. They don’t have any aversion to a tight squeeze, so rustling under covers is right up their alley.

Scratching/Kicking Their Back Legs After Going #2

This one can seem baffling. However, it’s one of the simpler things our furry little weirdos do. Aptly named “ground-scratching” this behavior serves to spread their scent by literally wafting it but also from their paw pads as well. A dog’s paws release pheromones when it kicks like this, signaling to the other pooches on the block “this space is mine!”.

The Backward Sneeze

This sound can be rather alarming to first time dog owners or even seasoned vets. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a backward sneeze is really a result of an irritated or inflamed soft palate. The dog will try to breathe in but will not be able to get a full breath – it’s not quite as scary as it sounds. It is similar to when you feel as though you have to yawn and it takes you a few tries to get it. One way to help your pup is by gently blowing on their face as it will likely cause them to swallow repeatedly and thus, soothe their soft palate.

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