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Petland Sarasota is a family-owned local pet store that has been operating for over 16 years in Sarasota FL. We have a state-of-the-art location where you and your family can have a fun, hands-on experience learning about all the different pets we have and their special needs when they go home!

We have built our reputation – since 1967 – helping thousands of families bring puppies for adoption into their homes. We are committed to making your new relationship with your pet the best that it can be.

  • Our staff receives intensive training.
  • We have the best husbandry program in the market, healthier pets.
  • We have the most comprehensive guarantees in the market.
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Our Values

It's estimated that Americans own around 70 million dogs.

We are proud of our commitment to animal welfare and quality of our pets.

There are many options for adding a puppy to your family.

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