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Kathy S.

We bought our puppy Sasha from Petland Sarasota. I was very very skeptical about buying a puppy from a pet store, but she is the sweetest animal. The staff was very patient with us. We visited the dog multiple times and made sure all of our family members (there are 6 of us) met her and agreed she was the dog for our family. When we took her home, we received papers for her with the name and AKC registration numbers of her parents, along with the name of the breeder. We were able to verify that the breeder is part of the the North Dakota State Breeders association, which listed their name, address and phone number.. She was born with a common issue that Chows have and the surgery was taken care of by the store and the breeder. Many of her shots were already given to her and we could verify her medical records with the vet associated with the store. One other benefit is the dog is so well socialized from being handled all of the time she loves people.
A few negatives are, when I went to pick her up I thought our sales person would be there and he wasn't. The kennel manager came out and helped us. She was nice but I felt rushed which made me uncomfortable. The guarantee that comes with your dog is good but has a conditions that may be difficult to meet, so read it carefully if that is important to you and the price of the warranty is built into the price of the dog. Check breeder prices and you will see. One other issue we are having, that I never thought of, pet store puppies are a little harder to house train using the crate since they are used to eliminating in the crate they are in at the store. You need to be patient and persistent and they will eventually get it. We had to remove the crate while we are working on the house training, and will reintroduce the crate at a later time. We love our puppy and take her back to the store with us when we buy supplies for her. The whole staff recognizes her and loves seeing her.

Larry H.

We just purchased an adorable mini goldendoodle from Petland. We found the staff at Petland to be knowledgeable and very warm and caring about each puppy. Shelby was outstanding! She got to know us on our first visit, finding out what we wanted in a puppy from the size to the temperament. She stayed in contact with us as new puppies arrived so that we could visit and see which puppy was right for us. Her excitement and enthusiasm was obvious. As soon as our Molly arrived at the store, Shelby knew right away she was "the one". We are so happy with our new addition and thank Petland and Shelby in particular for helping us make the right decision.

Debbie C.

Purchased a puppy from them ~ our salesperson was very knowledgable, very personable and not pushy. We are very happy with our little guy 🐶. I typically prefer breeders and rescues but was unable to find the right fit there. I checked out the breeder on line and there were only positive comments. They were also inspected by AKC an USDA. Happy with our purchase. 😊

Brittany T.

Deborah L.

Jessica M.

James R.

Bryanna A.

Yasmeen A.

Anita W.

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