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Petland Locations: How to Engage More with Your Pet This Summer

Petland Locations: How to Engage More with Your Pet This Summer

July 1, 2019

The struggle to walk your pet in the summer heat is very real. Here are some thoughts from our Petland locations on how to beat the heat!

Either you’re not happy with the hot weather or your pup is not, but either way, we want to help. Petland in Florida knows all too well that walking your dog in the hot weather can be a downer. Trying to find shade in those extremely sunny parts of your yard or having to stop every few minutes to hydrate your pet can be time-consuming and draining. There are a few ways to prolong your time outdoors and make it fun instead of daunting for you and your pup. Continue reading our Petland locations would like to share how to engage more with your pet this summer. Need a new four-legged furry family member to help you beat the heat this summer? Check out our available puppies right here!

Use your indoor space.

If it is extremely hot and unsafe for your dog to go outdoors then simply remain indoors! Use the space you have inside your home wisely. Maintain the activity they would outdoors inside by being creative. Use your basement if you have one or living room as a temporary playroom. It doesn’t have to be a big space as long as you and your pup have the room to run around and play a game or two to get some exercise.petland locations

Use the swimming pool.

Maybe you have one in your community or in your backyard, but get in the pool with your dog this summer. Keep in mind if your dog doesn’t know how to swim, you can provide the proper gear to make sure your dog is safe while in the pool. Bring some pool toys to throw around to get your dog moving in the pool – they will love it. For safety gear tips for the pool, seek out our Petland locations today for more information.

Practice getting up early.

In the morning hours, it is much cooler and safer to go outdoors. Take advantage of this time without the beaming hot sun and go for a walk before work. Get out with your dog earlier to avoid missing activity time. Waiting to get home after work can be a headache if the sun is still out. Being active in the morning can be more stimulating and increase your energy during the day.

Visit our Petland locations.

At our Petland locations, we can help you choose safe activities this summer for your pup. We are invested in the safety and health of dogs and pet owners. Come visit our store to see our cute dogs for sale or for more information on how we can help you stay active during the summer.

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